Harbour Day Report 2019

“A great community event… with A wonderful atmosphere!”

Whitstable Harbour Day 2019 was a great success thanks to the contribution of over 300 volunteers who ran the stalls, sailed the boats, played the music, and kept everyone safe: and we have some very happy traders. Over 10,000 visitors passed through the Harbour in the 6 hours the event was open and we have been inundated with compliments  such as ‘a great community event’ and ‘a wonderful atmosphere’. 

My personal highlight was watching the magnificent Thames barges keeling over as they raced towards the shore using every inch of sail to beat their opponents.

Then, adding to the drama, the Margate deep-water lifeboat had a ‘shout‘ and had to leave in a hurry, passing 1948 historic lifeboat The Chieftain on its way out to sea .

Photo credit: Sarah Hewes © 2019

Now we have the challenge of planning an even more enjoyable event next year.

In 2020 the event will cover two days, with Harbour Day on Saturday 1st August, and a brand new two day event, the Whitstable Boat Show, taking place in the harbour area on both Saturday and Sunday (2nd August).

Gordon Vincent, Chair, Whitstable Maritime, 5th August 2019