Our Mission

Whitstable Maritime’s mission is to maintain and strengthen the town’s economy by building on its maritime traditions and crafts. Through the restoration of historic vessels, providing active learning opportunities for all, on and off shore, and by the application of new technologies in development of the Whitstable section of the English coastal path, it will enable residents, visitors, schoolchildren and students to explore the town’s connection with the sea, past, present and future.

Community Projects

Coastal Community Team

Whitstable Maritime is the lead partner in the Whitstable Maritime Coastal Community Team. This is a partnership of statutory, private and voluntary bodies. Established in late 2015 the CCT is new but already has a network of around 60 people in the local community actively engaged.

The establishment of Coastal Community Teams has been encouraged by the
the UK’s Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to enable local communities to come together and develop a common vision and plans for their area.