Coastal Trail and Oyster Walk

The Coastal Trail between Whitstable and Faversham being developed by Whitstable Maritime is a new section  of the national coastal footpath. Eventually this path will extend along all of the English and Welsh coastline.

Whitstable Maritime’s Trail Guide will have  contributions from local  experts in the history, architecture, geology, archaeology, flora and fauna of the region. It is an ongoing project, starting with the Oyster Walk which is a guided trail around the key sites in the town.

We wanted to make sure that everyone has a chance to delve into Whitstable’s history, so we created the Oyster Walk guide. You can download the latest 2019 PDF edition of the guide directly to your smartphone or tablet – or print it out if you prefer.

Each of the numbered stops in the guide is linked to an explanatory page on this website. If you are viewing the PDF on your device, just tap the corresponding QR code. If you have the printed leaflet and a smartphone, you can get to the explanatory page by scanning the QR code*.

Stop 1 – Horsebridge Beach
Stop 2 – Keam’s Yard
Stop 3 – Cushing’s View
Stop 4 – The Favourite
Stop 5 – The Old Neptune
Stop 6 – Coastguards’ Lookout
Stop 7 – Nelson Road
Stop 8 – The Alleys
Stop 9 – Dollar Row
Stop 10 – Reeves Beach
Stop 11 – The Harbour
Stop 12 – The Museum
The Bigger Project

The Oyster Walk is a pilot for a more ambitious project by Whitstable Maritime to create a much longer, GPS guided Maritime Walk from Whitstable along the coast to Faversham. Visitors will be able to use their smart phones or tablets to access photos, voices, images and maps about a whole range of topics bird life, the environment, sea defences, oysters and fishing, boats and boat building, the wars and military history and more.

We hope the Guide adds to the pleasure of your walk. We would be interested in your feedback via our Contact page – select “Oyster Walk”.

*Requires internet access. iPhones and newer Android phones have QR scanning built into the camera app. On older Android phones, you may need to install a QR code scanner app.