Oyster Walk 7 – Nelson Road

The Boating Lake (now drained and part of the golf course) 1955
  • Two things of interest here – neither evident now. Behind the café and the houses to the right is where the old West Beach boating lake was sited – now drained and part of the golf course.
  • Behind the houses on the left were the old Whitstable salt marshes and salt works – where they used to allow the marsh to flood, then drain and dry so the salt left behind could be collected. Some street names off what is now Cornwallis Circle include The Salts and Salt Marsh Lane, Salt Pan Alley. These salt works – like those in Seasalter to the west could have been in existence since the turn of the 14th century.
  • If you are walking back towards town along Island Wall you will come to 65 Island Wall – a house set back between others on the right. If you look closely you will see the blue plaque declaring that John Deane – inventor of the diving helmet (more of him anon) lived here from 1880 to 1884
  • Further along Island Wall, just before Waterloo Road, you will come cross an old pub, now a dwelling. This was ‘The Guinea’ and locally reputed to be the only pub of that name in England.  So called it is reputed because divers found gold in a Spanish Armada wreck off Scotland and were paid in ‘spade guineas’ 
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