Oyster Walk 8 – The Alleys

  • Just further east of the Favourite on the opposite side you will find Favourite Alley, named after the boat. Walk down this alley, following it round to the left, then left again, ending up in Beach Alley.
  • Here you will find four terraced houses. Like many houses in this area they are tucked away but close to their original owner’s needs – easy access one way to the High Street for shopping and the other way to the beach for work.
  • This myriad of alleyways has led people to believe that this was the centre of smuggling activity, but it’s more likely that as each house was built leaving gaps was for the reasons mentioned.
  • Passing along Beach Alley, past the four houses, an alley and then two more houses, you will find it opens out, with more modern buildings on the left. Turn left through the alley under one of the buildings.
  • At the end, turn left. You are now in Squeeze Gut Alley. As you walk along it gradually narrows and then as you reach the backs of houses on either side it turns and gets much narrower. Squeeze through and pop out back into Island Wall as so many have done before you.
  • Once known as Granny Bell’s Alley, due to the fact that a grandmother of sixteen children lived there, the reason for its present title quickly becomes clear as you try to pass through it! According to history, the alley way may also have got its name from a game local boys once played with a potentially very unamused overweight policeman who was unable to pursue them through this confined space.
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