Support Us

Whitstable Maritime is a registered charity, staffed entirely by volunteers. We could not exist without the generous support in time and in money from our supporters – be they sponsors, volunteers or corporate partners.

Become a sponsor

Your sponsorship or donation will help Whitstable Maritime realise its ambitious objectives in the coming months and years, including

  • celebrating Whitstable’s connections with the sea; past, present and future.
  • creating a Maritime Discovery Centre and Coastal Trail
  • restoring, maintaining and sailing local historic craft
  • establishing an annual programme of events, including a Maritime Arts and Artisans exhibition and a Barge and Smack race.

All of our programmes will apply new and alternative technologies as appropriate and offer enjoyable activities for residents, visitors, school children and students.

Become a volunteer

Any organisation is only the sum of its parts – its people – and we invite you to join us and help Whitstable Maritime to grow. We have lots of ideas and projects that will help put Whitstable and indeed our part of Kent on the map and as a volunteer you will have a rewarding and enjoyable time in the process. Whether you are an expert sailor, a novice, have a maritime skill (or don’t), have an interest in the local maritime environment – be it historical, current or future – or just want to help, we have something to offer you.

So, come on in. The water’s fine! If you would like to volunteer for Whitstable Maritime, please get in touch via our contact page.

Featured image (top of page)
“Whitstable Panorama” – courtesy of Barry Thompson